Identifying squirrels before they take over your business: 4 early detection tips

Squirrels are beautiful animals to watch and to spend time around when outdoors. Their high levels of activity and relaxing feel make them wonderful creations of nature. However, the same can't quite be said when squirrels invade your business.

The thought of referring to squirrels as pests is unthinkable, but they can end up causing trouble in your commercial establishment in many different ways. For example, squirrels can congest your attic, air ducts and basement, causing a huge mess and emitting foul odours from their droppings. This is why you should take a proactive approach in catching these beautiful creatures before they cause further trouble in your premises. Here are 4 early detection tips that can help towards this goal.   

1.    Scratching/scuffing sounds from the roof/attic

If you hear frequent scratching, scuffing and thumping sounds in your attic, this is often a sign of pest infestation. The pest may vary from rats to squirrels, depending on your premises and hygiene levels. Squirrels love to dig, nibble at objects and dash from one spot to another. More specifically, this activity occurs in the morning or evening hours.

2.    Foul odours from the attic or basement

Another sign of squirrels in your business is the smell. These animals emit a distinct odour from their urine and droppings. Prior exposure can help you pick out the smell easily and as soon as you enter the attic or basement space. Foul odours are one of the top reasons why a squirrel infestation can be damaging to your business. Not only will they repel customers, but the drippings may also end up on your stored products over time.

3.    An influx of squirrels around your premises

You may also notice thriving squirrel populations around your property. They may be present on your front/back yard space, near the skip bin or darting around the parking lot. If you determine that there are more squirrels around than usual, you may have an infestation lurking.  

4.    Deposits of grass, sticks and fruits inside the building

Once the squirrels are inside your building, they'll need a place to rest, sleep and breed. This is why they often build nests where they can keep warm and comfortable. If you notice patches of grass, sticks, fruits such as nuts and torn paper in your attic, you may have squirrel neighbours. Have a pest control service inspect your building for squirrels and handle the issue.

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