Prevent Termite Infestation in 3 Simple Steps

If you've recently had a particularly bad infestation, you understand the need to take precautionary measures. While gas fumigants may be poisonous to household pests, it's still harmful to humans if not handled properly.

That is why it's important to take the right precautionary measures before you pitch a fumigation tent over your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Keep your items in check

Pack your curtains, beddings, and clothing and place them in appropriate bags. If possible, consider double packing as it offers effective protection. Since your house will be under quarantine for over 48 hours, you should find your family's alternative accommodation during this time.

Make sure you communicate with your fumigator ahead of time so that your schedule of events is clear to everyone.

Protect Your Household Items

Before you begin the fumigation process, make sure that all your electrical appliances are unplugged. You can still ask your gas company to resume their supply after fumigation for your protection. All your indoor plants should be removed and placed outside.

Protect them from damage by removing them from the parameter of your house. This gives the pest control company an easy time when pitching their tent.

Leave Keys to the Fumigators

Fumigators need to access every part of your home for effective prevention of termite infestation. They may even use a second locking system on all doors to prevent anyone from accessing the building during the fumigation.

Leave all the doors between rooms open, as this allows fumigants to pass through every space. Also, open appliances, safes, closets, drawers and cabinets. If it has a door, open it. You should still raise your drapes and blinds on your window to give the fumigators easy access.  

You may only be allowed back to the house once it has been cleared and released for entry by a fumigator. Don't forget to check with your fumigator for detailed instructions on the process of returning home once the process is complete. They'll make your transition safe and easy.

Make It a Priority During Construction

If you've recently constructed your house, precautions should be taken by treating the soil around the house with suitable insecticides or chemicals. If this hasn't been achieved during construction, there are different ways you can protect your building after construction.

Pre-construction chemical treatment, for instance, is something that can be considered. This method uses a chemical barrier that is made between the masonry of the foundation and ground to prevent termites.

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