Do You Need a Pest Inspection When Buying a Home?

Purchasing a home is an exciting experience, but problems can arise if you do not take the necessary precautions during the buying process. One problem that can cause home buyers a lot of trouble is discovering that pests are sharing your new home with you. Having a pest inspection carried out before you close on the home of your dreams can help you to avoid this situation. Here are a few things to know about inspections. 

Do You Have to Have a Pest Inspection?

No law compels you to have a pest inspection to finalise a home sale or purchase, but there are several reasons why you should. As well as avoiding the problems that come with finding out that your new home has some unwanted four-legged, six-legged or eight-legged residents, you might also need to show that a pest inspection has been carried out to get a mortgage to help you purchase your new home. Some lenders will not approve your application unless you can provide a pest inspection report.

Do New Builds Require Pest Inspections?

Don't assume that your home does not require a pest inspection just because it is new. Even newly built and unoccupied homes can become infested by certain pest species, including termites which invade new build homes from the surrounding soil to feed on the wood in their structure and fittings. Termites can cause a huge amount of damage once they become established, so be sure to have a pest inspection carried out before you agree to close on the purchase.

What Does a Pest Inspection Involve?

During an inspection, a highly trained pest inspector looks for signs of infestation on both the inside and outside of the property. For example, inspectors may inspect door and window frames for termite damage and look for the tell-tale droppings of these insects. They also look for ants, cockroaches, mice, silverfish, fleas, ticks and other pests that could cause damage to you or your home.

Pest inspectors use their knowledge and expertise to distinguish between different types of pest infestations, so they can let you know exactly what the problem is before you decide to go ahead with the purchase. They can also let you know what action you need to take to treat the infestation and give an indication of how much this treatment is likely to cost. For more information about your specific circumstances, contact a local pest inspection service. 

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