Preparing to landscape your home? Why termite treatment matters

If you've experienced a termite infestation before, you probably know how devastating they can be. Termite damage is typically not noticed until extensive damage has occurred. This is why early detection and treatment is critical. In many cases, termite treatment involves applying a layer of termiticides (or similar pesticides) around your outdoor space. This treatment creates a protective ring around your home and keeps termite colonies out.

But what happens when you need to do yard work? As important as landscaping is, you should consider how to prepare your outdoor space for proper treatment after yardwork is complete. Here are several ways through which landscaping can affect your termite treatment plan, and how you can protect your home from recurring infestations.

Disrupting soil layers may affect treatment

Perhaps the most obvious effect of landscaping is that your soil layers will be disrupted. If your pest control service had applied termiticides to repel termite colonies, yard work may displace soil layers and disperse treatment. And when an infestation occurs, you may not notice the extent of the damage until thousands of dollars in damage has occured. This is why you should re-apply treatment to your outdoor space as soon as yardwork is complete. Contact your pest control service to schedule a re-treatment after completing yard work.

Treatment may involve applying termiticides to your front/backyard, as well as other areas such as the basement, barn, and other at-risk locations. This proactive approach will limit the potential of undetected termite damage in your home.

Changes to landscape may stimulate termite activity

In addition to disrupting soil layers, landscaping may also stimulate termite movement. For example, colonies that were present near a tree stump or dense vegetation may begin migrating towards your home after you work on your soil. This is particularly true for those who live in termite-prone areas. After getting yard work done, consider having a fresh termite inspection carried out, along with treatment if necessary.

Changes to your termite warranty

A termite warranty is an excellent way of ensuring that your home is protected against costly damages down the road. How do these warranties work? After an inspection is carried out, the warranty ensures that your home is protected against infestation. And if an infestation were to occur while still under warranty, you would receive coverage for any damages incurred. Termite warranties come with certain conditions. For example, any modifications to the porch, landscape, or other areas where termites may attack should be followed by a fresh inspection.  

To learn more about termite inspections and treatments, contact a pest control company in your area.

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