Effective Termite Control Advice For Facilities Managers

Facilities managers have a million and one things to do as a part of their working lives. Sometimes, working as a facilities manager means being a jack of all trades. Therefore, it is quite understandable that many people in the profession do not have termite control as their priority. However, termites cause untold damage to business premises all over the world, especially in Australia. Consequently, you should always have the number of a good commercial pest control company you can rely on to help you out in case you suffer from an infestation. Commercial pest control measures are very similar to those that you will find in residential settings but they tend to operate on a grander scale and help to keep businesses operating even when the measures are in place. In the meantime, what can you do to help prevent an infestation in the first place?

  • Patch Repair Concrete

It is very important to carry out repair work on exposed sections of both concrete and tarmac. If you have an office car park with a fissure through it, for example, then you will often find that subterranean termites will often make the problem worse. Equally, fragmented sections of concrete in a delivery yard will act as an entry point for certain species of termites. Either way, they can seriously undermine areas of hardstanding. Indeed, you may even find that subterranean termites are capable of ruining your premises' foundations which could be incredibly costly to put right. Simply by maintaining your concrete and tarmac, you are much better placed to prevent such problems.

  • Paint External Woodwork

In terms of commercial pest control, ensuring that any exposed timbers on your business premises are properly maintained is crucial. This will usually mean that you paint them at least every couple of years to make it much harder for drywood termites to bore their way in. Look out for any flaky sections of paint which indicate their presence. A commercial pest control operative should be able to deal with them if they have got in before they become established. Freshly applied paint will discourage termites from entering wood but you may also like to consider replacing things like wooden weatherboarding with plastic alternatives instead.

  • Consider Local Water Sources

One of the things that termites need to survive is a water supply. Therefore, if your business premises has a pond or an open water tank in its vicinity, it will be a good idea to cover it or drain it completely. Subterranean termites can build their underground nest several metres away from water sources so spread your net wide.

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