Which Termite Treatments Actually Work?

Dealing with an infestation of termites after they have become established will usually mean calling in professional expertise. These tiny creatures do untold damage all over Australia, sometimes costing tens of thousands to put right. Therefore, call a pest control expert if you think you have termites building a colony around or within your property. To avoid them in the first place, however, you can put some anti-termite measures in place. Which termite treatments are the best for property owners who want to minimise the risk of their presence?

Apply Fluid Termiticides

Killing termites is a good measure if you have them on your property already and want to stop them from spreading out. You won't always kill all of them, but you can limit their numbers. Equally, applying a liquid termiticide around your home or business premises is a good idea if you simply want them to make their nests elsewhere. This type of termite treatment is supplied in a bottle which you need to dilute to the recommended strength. Next, dig a small trench around the perimeter of your garden and pour the fluid into it. This will kill any termites which cross the exclusion zone, ensuring that they stay away.

Remove Habitat

One of the places that subterranean termites like to make their home is beneath rotting wood. Trees which have fallen over and stumps from old mature shrubs make ideal places for this type of termite. Therefore, a very good termite prevention tactic would be is to simply remove these habitats from your property. Dig out rotting root balls and remove large logs from your garden. Another good preventative termite prevention tactic is to remove sources of water, such as ponds, which subterranean termites like to live close to.

Treat Woodwork

Drywood termites are one of the most annoying creatures for householders to face in their homes. However, a simple termite treatment that anyone can take to stop them chewing their way through your building's timbers is to varnish or paint them, thereby preventing easy access. Drywood termites tend to target older timbers with flaky or stripped paintwork. By doing a bit of DIY and giving things like window frames and weatherboarding a lick of paint, you should be able to deter them. If not, then professional termite treatments to remove them may be required down the line. Of course, these can be effective, too, but it is always better to act in a proactive rather than a reactive manner when it comes to termites.

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