5 Ways to Stop Bed Bugs From Spreading From One Room to Another

If you are unlucky enough to have breeding bed bugs invade your home, within months, you could have a full-blown infestation. You need to act quickly then to stop the bed bugs from spreading throughout your house. As a bed bug population grows, it spreads to other areas, always colonizing areas close to their blood meals, usually near beds and seating areas.

To stop bed bugs from spreading from one room to another, you need to be ever vigilant. The following advice will help you to keep bed bugs confined to one area of your home until you get help from a professional pest control service.

1. Eliminate all clutter in the infested room

Bed bugs need clutter to hide. Purchase some plastic tote boxes and store the clutter from the infested room inside them. Seal the boxes. A pest controller can treat the contents of the boxes later, but for now, concentrate on eliminating bed bug hiding places.

2. Don't take any objects out of the infested room

Don't take anything out of the room. Bed bugs can hide in the tiniest of nooks and crannies. That's why they often spread on the clothes, shoes and purses of humans.

3. Seal all cracks and holes leading from the infested room

Bed bugs don't fly, but they can move very quickly when they want to. And they often travel through walls, using electrical outlets, cracks and holes to get around. Seal all possible exit points from the infested room, including the crack under the door.

4. Stay in the infested room if you can

Bed bugs infest rooms close to their blood hosts. That means if you stop staying in the infested room, then you risk forcing the bed bugs to leave your room in search of a blood meal. This could lead to an infestation that affects your whole house rather than just one room.  

5. Contact a pest control service

Only a pest control service that has experience in dealing with bed bugs will be able to find and eliminate all the bed bugs infesting your home. If you do it yourself, you could miss some bed bugs, and then let your guard down. Only a pest control expert can guarantee complete eradication of the bed bug problem.  

Even if you successfully confine bed bugs to one area of your house, they will continue to breed. And bed bugs are very patient since they can go without a meal for a few months. Call a pest control service today to deal with your bed bug problem for good.  

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