Physical Indicators of the Immediate Need for Termite Extermination Services

A termite infestation is one of the worst scourges that could overrun your residence. The problem with these pests is that they are not merely annoying, as some other critters are. Instead, they pose the risk of extensive property damage, which not only means a world of inconvenience for you as a homeowner but also means spending a considerable amount of money remediating the damage they cause.

To make sure that this is not your fate, you need to know how to identify the potential presence of an infestation. Failure to do so leaves room for the termites to run amok undetected for an extended time, and in the worst-case scenario, you could end up losing your home. Below are physical indicators of the immediate need for termite extermination services.

Changes to wooden items

One of the tell-tale signs of an undiagnosed termite infestation that some homeowners often overlook is physical changes to their wood-based items around the residence. A good place to begin inspecting your home for damage would be outdoors. Since termites start to invade the premises from the outside going in, you can check for signs of blistering, cracking or brittleness in shed supplies, trees, a pergola or anything else you can think of.

Tap the wood and keep an ear out for hollowness, as this is a sure-fire sign of burrowing. Once you are done with the outside, you can take your search indoors and check for physical damage to furniture moulding, doors and so on. If the infestation is recent, you may notice that the wood feels moist, and this is from the moisture the termites produce when burrowing through these items.

Presence of mud tubes

Another tell-tale sign of the crucial need for termite extermination services if the appearance of mud tubes in your home. The mud tubes are not just a nuisance that comes along with termites. When the critters are making their way from the outdoors into your home, they need to keep themselves protected from predators as well as the scorching heat, as they need to maintain a certain level of moistness to not dry out.

Therefore, they will use these mud tubes as a transport system to and from your home. If you find these tunnels on the floor or your walls, you need to enlist pest control services for identification and extermination of the termites. You should also note that you may find termite wings and droppings along these tubes too. A misconception some homeowners have is that sweeping away the mud tubes will get rid of the pests, but this is untrue, as they will simply build more tunnels.

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