Subtle Signs of a Mouse Infestation That Should Urge You to Enlist Pest Control Services

Mice are a serious menace to be concerned about for several reasons. For starters, their diminutive size means they can breach your home through multiple ways ranging from cracks in floorboards to travelling through pipes and ductwork! Secondly, not only do mice reproduce at an exponential rate but they can eat through virtually anything! Therefore, contrary to popular belief, signs of mice are not limited to your pantry. Instead, you should be on the lookout for the following subtle signs of a mouse infestation that should urge you to enlist pest control services.

Bizarre odours around your home

Every homeowner is familiar with the natural scent of their house. Thus, the moment you start catching whiffs of weird odours around the home and you have not introduced anything new, for example, a pet, then you should be wary of the probability of a mouse infestation. Where some homeowners go wrong is to presume deodorising their interiors with synthetic or homemade solutions will eliminate this problem, but the reality is that you are only masking the pungent smells rather than eliminating the root of the problem. Take note, mice will not only urinate everywhere but they will leave droppings around too.

If these droppings are hidden behind walls, you will not see them but you will notice a distinctly musky smell in the house. Moreover, since mice have a short lifespan, some could end up dying within the walls, under floorboards and other hard access to access areas, which leads to their decomposing carcasses polluting the home. Hiring pest control services is imperative as the professionals will know how to best to investigate the presence of an infestation and get rid of this mouse problem for you.

Suspicious holes and crevices around your home

The second subtle sign of a mouse infestation that some homeowners are unaware of is the presence of holes around the home. While mice will take advantage of pre-existing cracks and crevices to make their way into the residence, they will also try and widen these access points for ease of movement. As a result, what may have previously been an innocuous gap in the wall will steadily become an enlarged opening to accommodate different sized mice! These entry points are not just an issue solely because they allow for rodents to enter your home with ease.

Instead, the gaps can negatively impact your home's efficiency, more so if the mice have eaten through insulation. Additionally, the holes can expose live wires and this poses a safety hazard to children and adults alike. Not to mention that other critters can make use of these cracks and crevices too! Pest control specialists will not only help track the movement of these rodents but they will also seal these holes after eliminating the infestation for you.

For more information, reach out to a local pest control company.

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