An Exhaustive Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Residential Termite Control

Although many homeowners are aware of the havoc that termites can wreak when left unchecked on their properties, not many stop to consider the likelihood of this scourge overrunning their residence. But if timber materials were the top supply employed during the construction of your house and other secondary structures on your property, you may need termite control services without even knowing it.

And this can be blamed on the fact that these insects can remain hidden for months or years on end. So how can you tell if it is time to call in the professionals? Check out the following exhaustive guide on everything that you need to know about residential termite control. 

What signs should warn you of the presence of termites? 

As mentioned above, termites tend to stay out of sight for prolonged periods and the only chance you may get to see them is when they come out to mate, which is when you will notice swarms. So how can you discern their presence without having to wait for termite swarms? A few of the subtle indicators that should urge you to hire professional termite control services include: 

  • Fine debris at the base of timber structures that socially denote termite droppings
  • Suspicious clicking noises coming from your walls
  • Hollowness in wood

Why do you need a termite inspection? 

If you suspect that termites have breached your property, it is vital to have the experts carry out a thorough inspection Contrary to popular belief, this inspection does not merely entail digging up the earth to check for the presence of these subterranean critters. Instead, the professionals will investigate the entire premises and pay special attention to locations that tend to be a haven for these pests.

An inspection is also vital since it will enable the pest control specialists to establish how far these pests have pervaded your property, and this information will help them determine how best to handle the infestation. Once the inspection is concluded, the specialists will draw up a report that will detail information such as locations on your property that are at the highest risk, all sections that were investigated, the extent of damage to the property and so on. 

Which termite control technique will be utilised for your residence? 

It is important to know that termite control is not carried out in a one size fits all approach. Rather, every individual property will require a different method depending on the specific infestation. With that said, there are three main ways that the specialists will eliminate this infestation for you. Those techniques include the use of chemical treatments, the installation of physical barriers, and baits. 

For more information on termite control, contact a local pest control service.

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