Why You Might Want To Consider Organising A Semi-Annual Termite Inspection

Termites are every homeowner's biggest nightmare, as they are extremely insidious little creatures that often seem like ants on the outside of your property before you find them, a couple of months later, chewing down on any piece of timber they can find. Whether you live in the biggest cities or the most rural of outback towns, termites can be a threat no matter where you are. In some cases, it can be a good idea to organise a termite inspection on a semi-regular basis. Here are a few reasons why you might want to take this proactive approach to termite protection.

You've Had Termites Before

If you have had a major colony affect your house before, or even if it was just a minor incident that you caught early on, then you should be more careful than most when it comes to termites. Repeat offences in homes are very possible, especially if not every single termite was exterminated the first time. It only takes a few of these critters to survive to lead others straight to your home, and because they are so few in number, they can pass under your radar even though you just had this problem.

Your Neighbours Get Termites

There seems to be no rhyme or reason when termites live or who they affect. They can be found in every state and territory of Australia, so it is impossible to predict if they will show up at your door. However, if the properties around your home get affected by termites, this is a good indicator that these pests have made their way into your vicinity and you need to be extra careful to survive the next few years. It is a good idea to organise a termite inspection as soon as you find out one of your neighbours has had this issue.

The House Is Very Old

Not only did older homes use thicker pieces of wood and have a lot more crevices and cracks for these termites to hide between, but they have fewer chemical protections. Modern homes will often have a termite protection system in place, and even have some traps and the like. Older homes are less likely to be built with this in mind, and so this can put you at more risk of an attack without you even knowing it. Yearly or semi-annual termite inspections is just good for your peace of mind. 

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