Unique Mice Control Measures Used by Pest Control Services

Australia is home to several different rodent species that can make home life miserable. Mice are primarily the most common and troublesome of the lot, and failure to eliminate them can lead to diseases. Additionally, the presence of mice in and around your house can incite surprise, fear and embarrassment. The most annoying part is that mice are very resourceful and will do everything they can to find a way inside your home. Therefore, it is advisable to hire pest control services to prevent mice from finding shelter in your home. This article highlights a few unique measures that pest control experts apply to get rid of mice.

Humane Traps

Most homeowners use inhumane mice traps, such as glue mousetraps and spring-loaded bar mousetraps to capture mice. Unfortunately, the traps are only really effective when dealing with a few mice. Besides, the fact that the traps are nasty also makes it challenging to dispose of dead mice. Therefore, pest control services often opt for humane traps rather than cruel techniques. Notably, humane traps capture mice and keep them alive so that pest control technicians can release them into the wild. Furthermore, the traps can catch several mice, making them ideal for homes with an infestation. Most importantly, pest control services release captured mice in an inhabited area far away from residential neighbourhoods.

Predator Urine

Another method pest control experts use is predator urine. Notably, house mice are prey to animals like cats, foxes, ferrets and large lizards. Therefore, mice tend to keep away when they detect the presence of such predators. Besides a cat, it is impractical for homeowners to keep the other mice predators as pets. In this regard, pest control service experts can get pre-packaged predator urine and spray it around a client's garden and fence. Most importantly, predator urine acts as a deterrent to any mice already in the vicinity. Besides, the smell of predator urine is usually not that strong for human nostrils.

Pack Spaces with Steel Wool

According to pest control experts, a mouse can go through a hole the size of a nickel. It means that any space -- however tiny -- connecting the interior of your home to the exterior can accommodate a mouse. While you can block such spaces with cardboard or pieces of cloth, mice will still be able to chew through them. Filling the holes with concrete is also an option, but only when dry. An immediate and effective way to block any spaces around your house is to fill them with steel wool. Mice cannot chew through steel wool, and they probably cannot stand the material's prickly nature.

For more information, reach out to a pest control service near you.

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